To let you know a bit about myself, I worked with Dorothy Day co-founder of the Catholic Worker Movement at the founding house in New York City in 1969-70. I was one of the founders of Martin DePorres House in San Francisco in 1971. The Catholic Worker Movement has houses of hospitality that provide food, shelter and clothing to the poor and farming communities whose goal is in Peter Maurin’s words “to begin to build a new society in the shell of the old.”

Along with Joan and a few others from the Martin De Porres House in San Francisco founded a Catholic Worker Farm in Sheep Ranch in 1976. At this farm we have done various kinds of hospitality over our 37 year history. This hospitality has varied from battered women, troubled youth, personswith alcohol and drug abuse in our early years to a 20 years of running a summer program for developmentally delayed adults to 20 years of doing retreats for persons with HIV/AIDS as well as raising our family here at the Farm. Currently as well as doing the HIV/AIDSretreats we also have been developing a organic Biointensive mini farm working towards environmentally sustainable agriculture.

I also have been a board member of Nevada Desert Experience, which operates protests at the Nevada Nuclear Test Sight. The Catholic Worker is an anarchist-pacifist movement ( Anarchist in the school of Kropotkin-people coming together to work for the common good rather than mandated by the State). The Catholic Worker has been involved in peace and social justice work since its inception in 1933 and was an early supporter of Dr Martin Luther King. I met Fr Roy at a protest in DC hosted by Nevada Desert Experience and School of the Americas a number of years ago, but do not know him personally. I hope that this helps you know a bit about me and I am honored to help with this event.

Thanks, Chris Montesano