Save the Date! January 15, 2017 at 2:00 p.m. for our Annual MLK Birthday Event. Dr. Mimi King will speak on Transformative Justice.

Dr. Mimi Kim and Transformative Justice

Widely recognized speaker, author, teacher and consultant, Dr. Mimi Kim brings expertise which extends broadly through the areas of non-violence, sexual assault, domestic violence and community health.

She is an Assistant Professor at California State University, Long Beach, and founder of the Oakland based TORCH program (Training and Organizing Resources for Community Health). Dr. Kim is also the founder of INCITE and Creative Interventions. Her current activities focus on building capacity for grassroots social justice organizations to make community-based transformative justice and accountability real possibilities.

Transformative justice is a general strategy for responding non-violently to conflicts. It is concerned with the root causes of community problems. A transformative justice approach seeks to change the conditions that create, maintain and support oppression or exploitation. It takes the principles and practices of restorative justice beyond the criminal justice system and into the community. Involving the community, it treats an offense as a relational and educational opportunity for victims, offenders and the affected community as well. Transformative justice uses a holistic approach, looking not just at crime, but at the causes of crime, not just at problems but at their root, as it seeks healing and peacemaking.

Dr. Kim will bring to our podium a long history of advocacy and activism aimed at creating collective responses to interpersonal violence in communities across the country.