I worked as a medical social worker for the Visiting Nurse Assn. for 17 years until I retired in 2009. Before that I worked for the Mother Lode Women’s Center for 10 years, first as the domestic violence program coordinator charged with opening the shelter for battered women, and later as the sexual assault program coordinator. I began that job soon after moving to Tuolumne County from New York City in 1979. I have been married for 36 years to Bruno, a retired nurse and I have a daughter, Bridget, who is 32.

I was part of the Tuolumne County Citizens for Peace from its inception in 2003 until it disbanded in 2008. I got involved with the MLK Committee in 2003. I was on the first board of the Sierra AIDS Council from 1989-1995 or so. Things were quiet for me before that as I raised my daughter.

I was a 1960-70s activist in New York City and in Oakland. I started out as a community organizer in NYC against urban renewal [aka “urban removal” since many low income homes were destroyed for Columbia U. and other commercial ventures], an anti-VietnamWar activist, and an activist with Women’s Liberation both in NYC and later in Oakland. My real work was political activism at that point and my jobs were as a social worker for the NYC Dept. of Welfare and later in a Brooklyn shelter for battered women.

It is now [2016] 13 years that I have been on the Motherlode MLK Committee. It has been a wonderful experience for me and I so enjoy working with everyone.

Pat Cervelli